That failed bank robbery is a competitive local multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players in which two teams of thieves try to rob the same bank at the same time.

Drive unlikely vehicles, pick up all the cash, steal your opponent’s loot, use a vast arsenal of different power-ups and get out there before the police catches you!

The game was created as part of the Game Programming Lab at ETH Zürich during spring 2018.

Choose between a shiny forklift, a lovely street sweeper and a rusty bulldozer and start driving at full gas inside the most notorious Swiss bank!


Cash, gold, diamonds – you name it, we have it. Watch out for your capacity, pick up all you can carry and bring the hefty loot back to your base to score some points and be crowned “Best Failed Robber”!


With a wide array of offensive power-ups to choose from, you’ll never run out of options to disrupt your opponents! Use tools of the trade, such as bombs, keys, magnets and weights to create mayhem!


Be wary: the police is trying to catch you! Avoid them at all cost or you will lose all your hard-earned cash! If only there was a way to stop them…

Local cooperative and competitive multiplayer 
Play with up to 4 friends in couch co-op or go ahead and face them in a competitive match!

Friendly robbers and context-sensitive UI
Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry, our two friendly robbers, Louis and Ted will help you and guide you through all the stages of the greatest Swiss robbery of all time!

Different game modes
Choose between different modes, such as Crazy Bomber, Speeder, Super Cash, Survival and Power-up Rush to keep the game fresh and full of surprises!

Procedural spawning system
Our procedural spawning system automatically balances the game using heat-maps and advanced distributions to ensure that the match is never determined until the end. Hold on to your seats!

Full physics simulation
Everything in the game, from the sway movements of vehicles to the cold tingling metal of gold bars is fully simulated – don’t believe us? Then go ahead and blow something up!

Vault with unspeakable riches
Ever dreamed of opening that vault full of sweet sweet gold at your local bank? Well, now you can! (sort of). Find the hidden tools and start cracking that safe open!

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